Big Data Skills In Demand (Comprehensive List)

Big Data kills In demand

Big Data kills In demand

Fari Payandeh

Dec  2, 2013

Fari Payandeh

Here is a refresher from the last post:

“I went on a job board and searched for the number of job postings that listed Big Data tools as part of the requirements.”

I created a comprehensive list for Big Data skills in  response to the feedback that I received for the last post.

As you may recall I cited three categories for job creation in my previous post: Data Management, Data Infrastructure, and Data Presentation. The emphasis here is on Data Management, although I have included some of the ingredients for building Cloud and Mobile applications as well.

I discarded the tools that scored low.


  1. Comparing your last post , it looks like the demand is getting reduced

  2. Yes, I noticed that as well. The DC area is effected by the Federal Government’s budget cuts.

  3. Hi Fari,

    Thanks for your valuable post.
    I want to know Talend is BigData tool or not?

  4. Hi Sudhir,

    Yes it is. Talend, Jaspersoft, and Pentaho are all open source BI tools.

  5. Hope I can expect an increase in the demand of Bigdata , starting 2014… what you say …Sir.

  6. Hi Sachin,

    BigData has a good future but it hasn’t matured yet. I think we will see it in in full swing by 2015. It’s good to start learning it now so that you’ll be ready when the time comes.

  7. Akinsola Akinsanya says:

    Fari Payandeh
    What is big data all about.
    I think it’s about to burst because i am interested in it.

  8. Hi Akinsanya,

    Please read my post “Simple Description Of Big Data” under Recent Posts on the right hand side on the screen…

  9. What is CSS? Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)?

  10. Yes.

  11. Interesting article. Thanks a lot for the information. But, I did not notice Storm distributed in the list. Storm distributed is also gaining more popularity among companies when it comes to real time Big Data processing isn’t it?

  12. Mahesh,

    You are right but I discarded the ones that scored at the bottom… the data is from DC area and big data hasn’t picked up here yet.

  13. suggest me big data project for final year project

  14. I don’t know of any projects, but you can look under Hadoop Tutorials menu option and try different sites for doing the exercises. Good luck!

  15. David E. Davila Fontecha says:

    You know the average age of the Big Data profesionals?

  16. Sorry, I don’t


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