Free Hadoop Online Training Sources

Hadoop Free Training

Last update on July 15, 2014

IBM Big Data Free Online Training

MapR Academy Free  Online Videos

Cloudera MapReduce and HDFS Videos

Hortonworks Tutorials

Hortonworks Videos

Datastax  Virtual  Training

Teradata Big Data Free Online Training


Paid Training:

Cloudera Apache Hadoop Training and Certification

Hortonworks Hadoop Training

MapR Hadoop Training

TCloud Hadoop Training

Simpli learn Hadoop Training

datastax Cassandra Training

HP Hadoop for system administrators

71 thoughts on “Free Hadoop Online Training Sources

      1. Shruti Garg

        Thank You Sir for your prompt response.
        Just wanna know Are they offering me Good stuff or study material?
        I know WIZIQ has good service and management. just wanna know about their syllabus they are offering.


  1. Hadoop Online Training by real time experts, Attain Technologies providing best Hadoop online training from Hyderabad India. We have certified and dedicated faculty for Hadoop online training. after completion of Hadoop online training we will help you in technical trouble shooting while you are in real time environment.
    Please contact us for Online Training Demo: India :+91 9052820000, USA :+1 209-207-3642
    Email :contact[at]attainonlinetraini­ng[dot]com

  2. To those that are interested in either classroom (in Hyderabad, India) or instructor-led, live online training programs in just Hadoop and its Ecosystem or a larger view of being able to do Analytics on Big Data:

    At International School of Engineering (INSOFE), we have a faculty with PhD degrees from Johns Hopkins U, Carnegie Mellon U, Stanford U, etc. teaching these courses. The details of the various programs are at

    Our next online batch in “Engineering Big Data with R and Hadoop Ecosystem” starts September 4, 2013. Our next classroom programs (certified by Language Technologies Institute of Carnegie Mellon U) start October 5, 2013.

    Most of the students who have taken our programs in the past have cleared the Cloudera and EMC certificates and have told us that they found them to be extremely easy after doing our courses.

    If you need more information, please go though our website and/or contact us either by visiting us or calling us on the numbers listed at


  3. Hi,
    UNICOM is conducting Hadoop Online training Batch from 31st August 2013. This training will help you to understand Big Data Hadoop Ecosystem and will give hands on trainings.
    For more details you can give us a call at +91 080 4202 3134.
    Training Team Unicom

  4. Deepak

    Hi Sir

    I am a Finance CPA , Working in Oracle Hyperion Domain. How it is useful for me to learn about Big data. How can i utlize my skills in this Field please let me know the prospect as being a Hyperion and Finance Professional

  5. Kiran

    Hi Sir,

    I am into IT infrastructure Space and majorly work on End User Computing technologies. I am interested to know is there any way i can fit into any of the infra support space in the Big Data technology.

    If at all I have to move into analytics space under big data and make a fresh start what are the chances for an infra guy without any prior background.
    Also I saw few certifications from Cloudera and EMC. How far are they useful in moving into big data technology.

    Thanks for your support.

    1. Hi Kiran,

      There will be a shortage of Storage engineers, not only because of Big data but also due to surge in cloud adoption. Storage would be my first choice. EMC and NetApp for sure, but there is a start-up called fusion-io. Read up on that… I think that company has a great future. My guess is that there will be a shortage of Storage engineers in the US by 2015.

      1. Kiran

        Hello Sir,

        Thanks for the response. I will surely look into that space. Moreover I also think there will be huge surge for Apache hadoop Administration (Clusters management) & VMWare (DataCenter Virtualization\Cloud IaaS) Administration also in the near future. Any thoughts\suggestions from your end? I think we have decent certifications for these from Clouera, EMC and VMWare


      2. Sure, Clouera, EMC and VMWare are all great. You might want to look into Pivotal (child of VMware and EMC.. it has its own hadoop “Pivotal HD”. Cloud Foundry is also by VMware. I don’t think you can lose with any of those… Wish you the best!

  6. rishi

    hello sir , i am an IT graduate and struggling to get a job. i am learner and i want to learn hadoop and big data so according to your knowledge am i thinking right? will it be preferable for me to invest my money for hadoop training and look for options in that technology. if yes can u suggest me best of all institutes which can provide me real exposure also. thank you

      1. rishi

        sir, i am good in java. i am oracle certified java developer for version 6. even though i have knowledge of frameworks also like spring and jsf, but only thing lacking is real exposure.
        and i have google lot regarding training and i think cloudera is so costly. so please guide me. i need support from you and all your experience.

      2. Rishi,

        In that case you can use the resources that I listed under Free Training menu option and learn it on your own. I highly recommend following the instructions under Hadoop Tutorial menu option and experiment on Amazon AWS

  7. Hi Sir, Im a ETL Developer (Datastage) with very minimum knowledge of Java. I m interested to learn Bigdata Hadoop. Please suggest am i eligible for hadoop course.
    will i be consider for the hadoop job(my etl skills).Plz suggest.

  8. Anonymous

    Hi Ram,
    I have mentioned about our program in comments. Please do refer August 26th comments to know more details.


  9. Ravi

    I have taken course from Intellipaat and I would say that I have done best Investment of my time and money . Before joining I did good research and found this is the only institute which is providing 35 hrs online training rest is all 24 or 21 hrs like edureka , Simplilearn or Whiziq.

    I also got recorded session , cloud instance and 300 + Question library as soon as I enrolled that made me focus on my cloudera certification and you know what .. I cleared it with high percentage in 1.5 months time from the day 1 of Hadoop Journey.

    All Assignment were awesome and trainer was responding even after course completion.

    Hats off to Intellipaat Team !


  10. Dear Ravi and Fari,

    International School of Engineering offers e-Learning/online live, Interactive programs on “Essentials of Applied Predictive Analytics” and “Engineering Big Data with R and Hadoop Ecosystem” each of 40 hrs duration focusing primarily on hands on real world scenarios/case studies with access to all the sessions which are recorded. For auditing more about our programs visit us at


  11. Srini

    Hi Fari,
    Am a Core Oracle DBA / Infrastructure DBA and not a programmer/developer. Is there anything similar kind of administration in Big Data/NoSQL. If so how can i focus towards it and learn it.

    Thanks in Advance.

    Thanks and Regards,

  12. Sharie

    I found a very good tutorial and channel on youtube hadoopskills. They are offering a hadoop online course called “Become a certified hadoop developer”

  13. Online

    Nice article i was really impressed by seeing this article, it was very intresting and it is very useful for Hadoop Online Training Learners.. I came to know that SUN IT LABS is also one of the best Hadoop online training institute at hyderabad.

  14. pooja

    I am an oracle plsql developer with some idea on java.I want to move to analytics and big data field.Is it ok for me to move? What do you suggest and if yes how to start on the same as I am confused where to start with. Should I learn Analytics with R first and then Hadoop?

    1. Pooja,
      The best thing to do is to beef up your Java skills and learn Hadoop/Mapreduce and become a Hadoop developer. R is a good language, but you can learn that, Python, and/or Mahout afterwords.

  15. Sridhar D

    I am a Software Test Engineer for past 9 years and at this stage I am in a confusion where it is really hard to find some project or requirement in Testing space for my experience level. Could you please let me know if Big Data development is good for me? Will there be openings for people like me?

    I do have basic java knowledge.

    Thanks in Advance!!

    1. Dridhar,

      In my view Big Data will create many jobs for Quality Assurance engineers due to the lack of standards in Big Data in general and Nosql databases in particular. In other words the companies that implement Big Data will also have Big headaches when it comes to quality control. I’d learn MongoDB. The online classes are free and the Database has a bright future.

  16. Ravee

    Please don’t go for Hyderabad online training institure..Especially attain technology. They charged for full fees on intial time when i joined. After 10 days i was struggling with health problem and dind’t attend the classes.After 2 months i am tried to contact the ppl for training course material throught mail. No one responding.
    i set around 20 mails to them and tutiro. They are really cheaters. Please don’t go for Attain technologies/

  17. Ravee

    I am mainframe guy and having 12+ yrs of exp. But now days job opp are very less. Please let me know which is the best course

    1. Ravee,

      Your mainframe background can be valuable if you learn a data integration tool like Informatica. Reason being as big data become mainstream more and more data from mainframes will be extracted. Informatica has a product called Power Exchange which does just that. In short learn ETL tools that can access Zos, IDMS, etc…

  18. San

    How can I learn Hadoop free?I am confused as I am from testing background what course I will start i.e. which will be easy for me to learn

    1. San,
      Sorry about the delay. I am sure the need for QA people will increase, but I highly recommend that you learn at least one programming language such as Java, R, Python… you can also learn NoSql like MongoDB, Couchbase… Good luck!

  19. Uma

    Mr Payandeh, I am from a biological science background trying to get into computer science field, Can you tell me how to start off and enter into Big data field, what should I be learning in order to get into this field. Any input will be appreciated.

    1. Uma,

      I think the shortest path and and a good match to your background would be to learn data visualization tools such as Tableau. You can go one step further and learn R programming language, but that may be a little hard since you are in BIO field. Microstrategy, Tableau, and Altryx all have public versions of data visualization tools. Best wishes!

  20. VKS@bigdata

    Hi Mr Payandeh,
    I have 11+ years of experience in mainframe technologies with about 8 years in SAS programming (in mainframe environment). Also I have about 4 years of project management/delivery management experience. Now I want to make a switch to big data (my interest is towards data analytics). Taking into consideration my past experience, can you please suggest me what stream I should pick-up and what is best way of approaching it. I am located out of India…


    1. VKS,
      I am sorry to get back to you so late. SAS is one of the best places to be at the moment but some analysts think that R open source programming language will diminish the need for expensive software like SAS. I recommend that you learn R. It’s catching like wild fire.

  21. Sri

    Hi Sir,

    I have 4 years of testing experience on linux platform.Now I want to change my career into new technology. I have basic knowledge on Java programming. Can you please suggest which technology is good for my experience.
    Thank you in Advance


  22. GK

    HI Sir, I’m a Microsoft Dot Net Developer using ASP.NET with C# and SQL SERVER.
    Can you please guide me path for Bigdata? What should I learn, a suitable course, for bright future. Thank you

  23. James

    Hello sir,
    i am a datawarehouse data modeler/arhitect (oracle ,teradata) how can i go into big data and what should i go for. i did a online hadoop course but its more for developer so i didn’t like it as it req java and pig,squip etc to learn. please suggest

  24. Prerna

    Hello Sir,

    I am a PL/SQL Developer, and have worked on some ETL tools too, so have some understanding of datawarehousing. Can you guide me the path for big data. I know it has HIVE which has SQL like language, but when I see job openings for Big Data, just knowing HIVE is not enough. Even for data analyst role, they require exp in analyzing and designing algorithms..What role would I fit in?

  25. Sonika Mittal

    When we talk about Big data training companies, the one name that strikes my mind is Intellipaat. Intellipaat offers several new and niche technology trainings, which are difficult to self-learn.

    I want to share my review regarding intellipaat Big Data Hadoop All in one training course. Intellipaat is an interactive and innovative way of evangelizing us toward Big Data and Hadoop. I took Hadoop Architect which suggested by one of my friend and that was really course.They prepared me for CCDH and CCAH. I want to say thanks to Intellipaat for providing me such a wonderful training.

    The curriculum for any course at Intellipaat is very strategically designed so that you remain focused to the important areas only that are relevant to the industry.

    I would like to congratulate the whole Intellipaat team as they guided me right from selecting the course to upgrading my resume for great job opportunities. The best part that I could interact with the trainer one-on-one when I reported a technical issue during the training. The trainer cooperated well and kept calm.


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