How to get started with Hadoop

The reason I recommend this method is because it covers the fundamentals, and there is no need to have a local installation on your laptop. Moreover, the book will help you understand the basic concepts. If you already know the basics, trying Hortonworks sandbox is more suitable.

1- Open an account with Amazon Web Services

Click here to go to the site

2-  Register for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)  and Simple Storage Service (S3)

Watch this video for the instructions:

Click here to watch the video

3-  You’d need the book: Hadoop the definitive guide. Follow the instructions in  “Hadoop in the cloud”

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  1. If you’re considering switching career or are just started to think about where to start a career, this article 10 Fastest Growing Career Options and Jobs in 2018 is for you.

    The data, which used to refresh in every two years, show that the total number of people employed in the U.S will have an increased 10.1 percent — by 15.3 million — between 2008 and 2018. However, few sections of job industry will grow at a much faster rate during that period. (Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook and Career Guide to Industries)

    Let’s get into detail to know more 10 Fastest Growing Career Options and Jobs in 2018

    The year 2017 is just ending and we are ready to welcome 2018. This is the right time to get yourself skilled in demanding technologies to get desired jobs in 2018. These skills help to achieve much secure and faster career growth.

    Here is list of most growing Jobs in 2018

    1. Survey Researchers

    Projected growth in 2018: 30.4%
    Total Number of employees in 2008: 23,000
    Average pay scale in 2008: $36,220
    How to become a Survey Researcher & Eligibilities-

    Education/training: You need to be an owner of a bachelor’s degree. The minimum educational requirement for many market and survey research jobs is Graduation in any stream. It will be best if you come-up with Market research & commerce background. However, a master’s degree is usually required for more senior and technical positions.

    Short Term Courses to Become a Survey Researchers- You can look forward to getting practical knowledge around Data Sampling, Method of data collection, basics of reporting to get Survey Data Collection and Analytics Specialization. There are many software available in the market which has been accepted by a large number of companies and Data researcher as significant tools in analysis. In this list, we have Tableau, R-Programming, Microsoft Excel, IBM SPSS many more. There is one more extended version of Researcher “Data Scientist” you must have noticed and nowadays everyone is just talking about it. Why? Becuase many IT and Non-IT company like IBM, Infosys, IBM, L&T, KPMG and so on have posted more than 10,000/- in last 30 days (source will be future of this field –know here.

    Job outlook: Survey researchers will increase much faster as compared to public policy groups and all levels of governments increasingly use public opinion research to help determine a variety of issues.

    Get tutorials on Statistics and Data Science

    2. Computer Software and Systems Software Engineers

    Expected increase in demand by 2018: 30.4%
    Number employed in 2008: 395,000
    Median pay in 2008: $85,430
    Education/Skills/Training: A bachelor’s degree and experience with a variety of latest software and systems are significant to get employed easily. However, engineers are expected to continue to trained and educate themselves in the latest technology.

    Job outlook: This occupation will grow as the demand for computer networking skills, particularly at IT companies, increases. The need for new digitized applications, system safety, and upgrading are a few of the specific needs this job handles.

    Latest Skills for IT Engineers- Python, SAS, machine Learning, Laravel, C# Programming etc (based on your next career move and current experience). You can view latest Programming & Development tutorials here.

    3. Environmental Engineers

    Expected increase in 2018: 30.6%
    Number employed in 2008: 54,000
    Median pay in 2008: $74,020
    Education/Skills/Training: A bachelor’s degree in engineering is required almost in all entry-level engineering jobs. College graduates and postgraduates degree in a natural science or mathematics occasionally may qualify for some engineering jobs. Your college reputation and knowledge play a significant role to give you the desired pay-scale.

    Job outlook: A shift in emphasis toward preventing problems rather than controlling those which already there, as well as increasing public health alarms resulting from population growth, also are expected to spur demand for environmental engineers.

    Get yourself-certified on Big Data Hive

    4. Compliance Officer

    Expected increase in demand by 2018: 31.1%
    Number employed in 2008: 260,000
    Median pay in 2008:$53,760
    Education/Training/Job outlook: This job category has got many verities (e.g. Customer supports, loan officer or claims adjuster, as pictured). This job segment is in demand to provide a flawless process of examining, evaluation, investigation and to check the eligibility of claimer. This rules and laws can be set by internal & external regulating bodies.

    How to get become a Compliance Officer- This job and related position in the market are open for you just after you intermediate qualifications. If you have good project management and MS office skills with you it will help you get employed easily.

    5. Self-enrichment Education Teacher

    Expected increase in demand by 2018: 32.1%
    Number employed in 2008: 254,000
    Median pay in 2008: $40,920
    Education/Skills/Training: In general, there are few critical educational or training requirements for a job as a self-enrichment coach beyond being an expert in the subject taught. This job requirement exists because as time goes we get bored with our daily routine KRA stuff. To find out some of the motives to work self-enrichment tutors demands have a significant increase.

    Job outlook: The need for self-enrichment coaches is expected to grow as more people embrace lifelong learning and course offerings expand.

    How to become a Self-Enrichment Teacher/Tutor-

    Starts reading motivating and influencing articles. Try to join so L&D webinar. Open yourself to understand people’s mindset and build your forecasting view.

    6. Computer Applications Software Engineers

    Expected increase in demand by 2018: 34.0%
    Number employed in 2008: 515,000
    Median pay in 2008:$85,430
    Education/Skill-Set/ Training: Those who have practical experience and at least a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field should have better opportunities in Computer application & software engineering. Employers will continue to seek computer specialists with strong programming skills, systems analysis skills, interpersonal, and business skills.

    Job outlook: Demand for computer software engineers will increase as computer networking continues growing. If you are looking for Jobs in 2018 and if you have supported degree you must go for this as a career option.

    Click here to get some handpicked short-term certification to place you to the next level in Computer Apps based career and to get related jobs in 2018. In applications and software development we have a huge list and you can pick anyone that suits your interest and current experience (In case you have got some experience). In fact now according to new tech skill has become much easier as compare to my time. There are ample of online Elearning websites which can help you learn new tech skills at your own pace. Just for your reference, you have Full-stack Web Development Tutorials, Python programming Online Training and much more. What all you need is strong desired to grow in the career as fast as you can and latest technology skills will always help you achieve it.

    7. Financial Analysts

    Projected increase in 2018: 41.2 percent
    Number employed in 2008: 27,000
    Median pay in 2008: $73,150
    Education/Skills/Training: Financial analysts are required to have at least a bachelor’s or master’s degree at entry level. Also, it’s based on the company size and type.

    Job outlook: As the financial industry grows in numbers, size and complexity, so will the demand for analysts, particularly at mutual funds domain.

    How to become a Finance Analyst get decent jobs in 2018- If you are supported by basic education for this post you can join some online Short term courses like Stock Marketing for beginners or Stock Market Investing Strategies it will aid to you get into a job a bit easier.

    8. Home Health Aides

    Expected increase in demand by 2018: 50.0%
    Number employed in 2008: 922,000
    Median pay in 2008: $21,440
    Education/Skills/Training: Home health aides do not require to have a high school diploma; they receive most of their training on the job from experienced aides or nurses. Classroom training, lectures, and workshops are major contributor to get specialization in this field.If you have not done graduation and looking for jobs in 2018, this is the right field for you.

    Job outlook: While personal and home care aides provide mostly housekeeping and daily routine services, home health aides provide more extensive health care than family and friends can manage. A growing demand for home-based services among the elderly and the pressure to contain costs by moving patients home sooner will make Home health aides one of the fastest growing aide professions.

    A likely downside, however, is that most employers only hire on-call hourly workforces and do not offer other benefits.

    9. Network Systems & Data communications Analyst

    Expected increase in demand by 2018: 53.4%
    Number employed in 2008: 292,000
    Median pay in 2008: $66,310
    Education/Skills/Training: Most jobs need a bachelor’s degree, although some only require a two-year degree. Employers give a high value to relevant work experience in related field.

    Job outlook: This profession certainly will grow because, as businesses implementing more and newer technology day by day, more professionals will be needed to monitor efficiency and set up network systems.

    What are the latest Technologies to learn in this field- You have Google Cloud Computing, Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking, AWS Programs.

    10. Digital Transformation Consultants

    Expected increase in demand by 2018: 40%
    Number employed in 2008: 150,000
    Median pay in 2008: $84,088
    Education/Skills/Training: Most of the jobs in digital transformation need a bachelor’s degree. Employers give a high value to relevant working experience in digitization transformation field. Some skills like IOT & Machine Learning may help you to get easily employed in this field.

    Job Outlook- Digital transformation remodels every aspect of a business. As digital technology continues evolving, I believe that successful digital transformation will require, careful collaboration, thoughtful planning, and the inclusion of every department. During recent years, we’ve seen moves in how traditional leadership roles operate, as silos break down and the scopes of various roles widen and change. Digital transformation has morphed from a trend to a central element of modern business strategy, therefore, it has become the most demanding and critical tech skill in the coming year.

    What should I do get good Jobs in 2018?

    First and foremost thing you can do is update your skill-sets from time to time. Never hesitate to learn something new or to acquired cross skills. Learning resources are easily available to you. Just explore what’s new coming in your field. Look for what technology and innovation took place in recently.

    Now if you are looking for latest, affordable and qualitative tutorials for demanding technologies click here.

    Hope this article helped you to decide your next career move. As per expert, upcoming years will be dedicated to digitization, Programming, and Development. If you can master it now surely you can have the next level in your career.

    Next week I’ll share one more interesting industry insights post about for who is looking for your type of skills. You can register here to get instant notification for this post.

    Sources- Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook and Career Guide to Industries | |Google Trends.


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