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This one is not about Big Data. It’s much bigger: Big Education

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Fari Payandeh



Fari Payandeh

Harvard and MIT have joined forces to level the playing field for all the  people living on the  planet earth. You can get first rated  free online education from ivy league Universities.   To put icing on the cake, if you complete the courses you’ll get your certificates from the top Universities that participate in the program.

To all of the individuals who made this possible: You are amazing!

Click here to go To Edx.Org

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  1. This post is misleading in a critical point. The Edx courses offer “certificates of mastery” upon completion which per the site are not guaranteed to be accepted for credit by any university, including the one offering the course you take.

  2. Bob,
    You are right; It’s certificates and not degrees. I appreciate you letting me know. I corrected the post. That said, since I received the piece yesterday from a credible source, it might be something that hasn’t been posted on their website yet. I’ll keep an eye on the new developments.


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