Recent Acquisitions In Big Data

Big Data Companies

Fari Payandeh





Fari Payande

Aug 18, 2013

I am no expert in market analysis of any kind, but my personal Big Data Analytics embedded in my small brains which I inherited from my cave-dwelling ancestors tells me that the industry is anticipating huge profits from Big Data.

Big Data vendors and consulting companies are filling their gaps amid growing competition to provide complete solutions. What is interesting is the global reach  for finding good fits:  Yahoo Ztelic-China, Cloudera Myrrix-UK, EMC ScaleIO-Israel, SAP Hybris-Switzerland. Those were the recent accusations by Big Data Mega Stars.

CSC grabbed Infochimps for its analytics capabilities. Cisco brought home Sourcefire to beef up its Cyber Security. Yahoo acquired Zteli  specializing in social-network data. Cloudera took Myrrix to augment its arsenal with machine learning capacity. Raytheon purchased Visual Analytics Inc for its visualization tools. EMC nabbed ScaleIO to bolster its high performance storage offerings. Tibco bought StreamBase to provide real-time analytics. SAP acquired the ecommerce software maker hybris. Cisco landed Composite Software to boost its “Master Data Management”.


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