Job Security And Big Data









Sep 28, 2013

Fari Payandeh



By Fari Payandeh

Big Data will become the epicenter of market growth in IT in the coming years. Major League players such as Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, HP, VMware , Microstrategy, Informatica, SAP, NetApp, DELL, Intel, Cisco, and EMC have allocated significant resources to their Big Data strategy. Moreover, a slew of startups are working around the clock to bring their products to the bazar international and secure their place within the Big Data tribe. The market is  rapidly gaining momentum and according to Gartner Group it will expand considerably in the coming years. What sets Big Data aside from other emerging technologies is the depth and breadth of its influence. Big Data is bringing to life an array of disparate technologies ranging from new Servers to new Analytical tools. The integration challenges for IT posed by the layers of complexities will invariably yield great opportunities for jobs. If you are concerned about job security and want to learn something new, the timing couldn’t be better; Where do I start learning Big Data? the following includes some of the Big Data hot skills in demand. Data Science, Hadoop, NoSql & NewSql Databases,  Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Cloud Computing, Python, Mahout, and off course the omnipotent, omnipresent Java.


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