Outstanding AWS online instructors

At one time or another I have been a member of the following online training organizations in the past five years:
Linux Academy
A Cloud Guru

May I say at the outset that it will be grossly unfair to other instructors if you only go by what I recommend. Reason being, I haven’t spent the same amount of time at each site nor have I enrolled in all of the courses that they offer. Naturally, there are some fantastic instructors out there whom I haven’t had the opportunity to be exposed to. Nonetheless, I’d like to share my experience with you. Moreover, please note that Udemy is a different type of organization in that unlike the others, you purchase courses and since I have spent most of the time on that site, naturally I know more about the courses there than other sites.

Lastly, although Angela doesn’t teach AWS courses, I was very impressed when I took a Web Development course with her.

Good Luck!




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