Outstanding AWS online instructors

At one time or another I have been a member of the following online training organizations in the past five years:
Linux Academy
A Cloud Guru

May I say at the outset that it will be grossly unfair to other instructors if you only go by what I recommend. Reason being, I haven’t spent the same amount of time at each site nor have I enrolled in all of the courses that they offer. Naturally, there are some fantastic instructors out there whom I haven’t had the opportunity to be exposed to. Nonetheless, I’d like to share my experience with you. Moreover, please note that Udemy is a different type of organization in that unlike the others, you purchase courses and since I have spent most of the time on that site, naturally I know more about the courses there than other sites.

Lastly, although Angela doesn’t teach AWS courses, I was very impressed when I took a Web Development course with her.

Good Luck!



Tips for Multi-Region projects in AWS

Aside from global services like Route 53, IAM, STS, CloudFront, and AWS Organizations, there are other resources that either work globally out of the box or can be customized to do so. Not long ago AWS introduced Aurora global Database and DynamoDB global tables, and they are indeed global. CloudTrail can act globally with a bit of customization. Kinesis is not a global service but since lambda can read from Kinesis streams, it can write to another stream in a different region. AWS Config Aggregator is another useful feature that can receive Logs from multiple regions with some customization. Codepipeline can operate in Multi-Region by providing the artifact created in one region to a pipeline in another region. AWS Global Accelerator can route traffic to different endpoints. Although CloudWatch itself is not global, it can receive logs from multiple regions. CloudFormation Stacksets can help with cloning our architecture in a different region.