Why AWS is heaven for pre-google Species?

I spare you my war stories, suffice it to say that I had a big smile on my face the first time I launched an EC2 instance. Traveling back in time, I remembered my first job and the time it took to configure an Altos Unix and install Informix on it. It was exciting times for a newly graduated geek. Fast forward to the present time and I am still a geek, but a geek with a hindsight perspective of knowing how much easier it is to make things work today. I think I unconsciously record everything that I learn if for no other reason than to make myself feel good — reminiscent of the folks who went through the great depression. It is indeed exciting times for humanity as a whole. Human brains connected via the cloud cross-pollinating across vast distances around the globe. We could be working on a proof of concept light years faster than it was possible just 20 years ago.