The evolution of AWS Administration tools

There was a time when AWS was sorely lacking Administration tools. The entire landscape has changed and Cloudwatch Events is at the heart of it. We have Systems Manager which integrates with AWS Config and Cloudwatch Events. Aside from AWS Config remediation, there are the Step Functions and Lambda that can assist Administrators in automating tasks. On the monitoring side, Cloudwatch Logs Insights, Quicksight, and Kibana provide an effective platform while IAM Access Advisor tracks user activities and integrates with AWS Organizations. Streaming and streaming Analytics can use Kinesis, Cloudwatch subscription filters, S3, Elasticsearch, EMR, and Redshift. Migration HUB, Application Discovery, Storage Gateway, Server Migration, and Database Migration services can help with migrating on-premise to AWS. Cloudwatch Events also integrates with AWS Trusted Advisor for monitoring costs. In terms of Governance, AWS Organizations is at the center of account management. And, the newly born AWS Outposts promises to let us create our own AWS World in on-premise. We shall see what the future holds, but if this works as advertised, it will be a game changer.