Hot Big Data Skills

Fari Payandeh

September 13, 2014
Fari Payandeh

As I mentioned last year this is not a scientific assessment of the job market. It only covers the DC area and it doesn’t take into account the overall improvement or decline of the job market.

Comparing to last year this time  R programming language, and Amazon Web Services are the big winners followed by Java, Big Data, Red Hat, Python, Hadoop,  and Ruby. I dropped MySql and added Perl, JQuery, and Mapreduce to the list.

I’ll publish the comprehensive list soon.


Global Interest In Big Data By Country For The Year 2013

Global interest in big data 2013








Fari Payandeh




Dec 12, 2013

Fari Payandeh

May I say at the outset that the information presented here is not scientific and it may not reflect the actual values. My intention is to share with you some personal data which may give you an insight into the degree of  interest in  Big Data technology around the world. What you see is the summary of the number of hits on this site by country for the year 2013.  Happy Holidays!