SAS joined the crowd. Free Software For Learning

First it was Tableau Public Edition, and then Microstrategy Desktop. Now, SAS is offering its software for free to encourage learning.  According to their site the advantage is that everything runs locally on the Desktop and you don’t have to store your data in the cloud. I have a feeling the big vendors are becoming a little concerned about the open source programming language R.


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Big Data Skills In Demand (Comprehensive List)

Big Data kills In demand
Big Data kills In demand









Fari Payandeh




Dec  2, 2013

Fari Payandeh

Here is a refresher from the last post:

“I went on a job board and searched for the number of job postings that listed Big Data tools as part of the requirements.”

I created a comprehensive list for Big Data skills in  response to the feedback that I received for the last post.

As you may recall I cited three categories for job creation in my previous post: Data Management, Data Infrastructure, and Data Presentation. The emphasis here is on Data Management, although I have included some of the ingredients for building Cloud and Mobile applications as well.

I discarded the tools that scored low.