Free Training

This page is intended to assist Data Scientists, Developers, DBA’s,  and System Administrators in finding resources for free Big Data/Hadoop training.

Last update on March 23, 2017

IBM Big Data Free Online Training

Hortonworks Videos

MapR Academy Free  Online Videos

Cloudera MapReduce and HDFS Video

Datastax  Virtual  Training

WANdisco Subversion Online Training

 MongoDB Online training

Zero To Pro Training

Coursera — University, free online courses. I found Data Science courses

SAS® OnDemand for Academics

Teradata Big Data Free Online Training

CBT Nuggets one week free online IT training


Mix Paid/Free Training:

edX — MIT & Harvard partnership

RedHoop — Mostly paid training (inexpensive), but I found some good free ones in Java, Python,etc…

INSOFE — Paid training, but reasonable pricing — Paid/Free trainning, reasonable pricing





Paid Training:

 MapR Hadoop Training

Hortonworks Hadoop Training and Certification

 Cloudera Apache Hadoop Training and Certification

 TCloud Hadoop Training

 Simpli learn Hadoop Training

EDU Pristine — Business Analytics

Data Science programs and training currently available

Stanford University Online Data Mining and Statistics Courses & Certificates

Data Science Apprenticeship

Informs Analytics Resources

MongoDB Training

Datastax Cassandra Training

HP Partner Big Data Training


34 thoughts on “Free Training

  1. In the past, i havde wasted money and got nihnotg out of them, your training is an exception, I got my moneys’ worth and I am totally equipped. more grease to your elbows!

    1. International School of Engineering is announcing their 3rd batch of live e-Learning certificate programs in “Engineering Big Data with R and Hadoop Ecosystem” and “Essentials of Applied Predictive Analytics” ( ). These programs helped engineers and managers transform into Hadoop Developers/Data Scientists, get industry certifications, revolutionize their workspace and establish exciting careers.

      •Taught by experts who are Carnegie Mellon, Johns Hopkins and Stanford University’s alumni with Fortune 50 experience
      •Applied and interactive classes
      •Classes ranked among the top 1% and 5% of all classes in the world in piazza
      •1/3rd the cost of other similar programs

      Program 1: Engineering Big Data with R and Hadoop Ecosystem
      For more details on the curriculum, fees, admission criterion and to register, please visit:

      Program 2: Essentials of Applied Predictive Analytics
      For more details on the curriculum, fees, admission criterion and to register, please visit:

      For Sample Lectures visit

      For any queries mail us at or call us at +91 9502334562

      Deepika Chilukuri

  2. Nag

    Hello Fari,

    I am a QA Engineer working on SQL Server databases and planning to extend my skills in Big Data. Are there any courses specifically designed for QA Testers on Big Data?

    1. Nag,

      Good question! I haven’t come across any… bear in mind that Big Data hasn’t reached the mainstream yet… nonetheless, I highly recommend that you learn Windows Azure and Excel 2013.

  3. Ram

    I learnt Hadoop from Intellipaat and I would say its the best institute to learn Hadoop .. There trainers are awesome and training is 60% hands on .. I did take training in edureka for Hadoop Developer got fascinated by their site but there is hardly any hands on also the trainer they showed me in sample recording that trainer didnt take the class at all.

    Hope this review will help for newbie on Hadoop who are looking out for training


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