From DBA to BDA: The revenge of the developers

December 06, 2012 by Fari Payandeh

The people who claim that the days of DBA’s are numbered should have their heads examined.  Nonetheless, the winds of change are sweeping across the Data landscape and it won’t be long before companies have a hybrid information system comprising Relational Databases and NoSql Databases. For a traditional DBA to learn NoSql is no easy task; It’s not like attending a five-day class and learning some new topics to augment your existing  knowledge. NoSql, as it stands today requires a different set of skills that has tipped the balance in favor of developers– the future Big Data Administrators (BDA’s). Developers working with System Administrators can manage NoSql Databases without having to rely on DBA’s. For all of those developers who, for years have had to wait for DBA’s to open the gates for them, this is a good opportunity to level the playing field; learn NoSql. Cloudera (Hadoop trainer)  rasied $65 million in new funding and MongoDB launched a new training program.