How to get started with Hadoop

The reason I recommend this method is because it covers the fundamentals, and there is no need to have a local installation on your laptop. Moreover, the book will help you understand the basic concepts. If you already know the basics, trying Hortonworks sandbox is more suitable.

1- Open an account with Amazon Web Services

Click here to go to the site

2-  Register for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)  and Simple Storage Service (S3)

Watch this video for the instructions:

Click here to watch the video

3-  You’d need the book: Hadoop the definitive guide. Follow the instructions in  “Hadoop in the cloud”

What’s the easiest way to learn Hadoop

If you know the basics about hadoop and you can’t wait to dive in there, I recommend using Hortonworks SandBox. You may want to run the tutorials listed on their site in sequence. It’s a great way to get you started.

1- Watch the brief  video on how to install Hadoop on your laptop Windows 7

2- Goto Hortonworks turorial site and follow the tutorials

Click here to go to Hortonworks’s tutorial site